Job Automation Quiz

automation quiz

Test how much you know about automation technologies by taking the job automation quiz at Financial Management magazine.

Although this quiz is targeted toward those who work in the financial area, it is applicable to IT, audit, and security professionals. 

TIP: Whenever I saw the word ‘finance’, I substituted the word ‘audit’. Depending on whether you’re in IT, audit, or security, substitute the appropriate term, and that will help you answer the question.

The quiz is 6 questions, and after choosing each answer, the correct answer is revealed. Then you click the NEXT QUESTION link to advance to the next one.

Question 5 lets you access a link to download a PDF of McKinsey’s 2017 automation report entitled, A FUTURE THAT WORKS: AUTOMATION, EMPLOYMENT, AND PRODUCTIVITY (a 28-page executive summary).

Take the quiz here.

I scored 5 out of 6 correct.

Let me know what you think.




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