How to get a Data Science job with little or no experience

data scientistWhen you’re trying to get a data science job, you need experience, but to get experience, you need a job, right? Not always, and this is the case for many jobs, not just data science.

But in data science, you can generate the experience you need yourself.

You might have seen one of my earlier posts, How to get an IT Audit job with little or no experience. Let me say from the beginning that getting an IT audit job with no experience is easier than a data science job with no experience. But according to an article from KDnuggets, it can be done. And like everything else, it takes hard work.

The article defines data science as “an interdisciplinary field that focuses on solving problems and gathering information.” 

The article is LONG, so let me give you a summary before you launch into it.  I’d suggest you at least skim the article if the length scares you.

Here’s the main points (bold), to which I added a few comments.

  • It’s about who you know and who knows you

  • Contribute to a personal blog or a major publication

I’ve learned a lot by creating this blog. Except I don’t take public credit for this blog because I wish to remain anonymous. But I know people who put their name out there and this method worked. I also know how hard it is to start a blog and keep it running (11 years later, and yeah, I’ve slowed down a bit).

  • Become a freelance data scientist/consultant

If this seems like a bit of a stretch, it certainly is. You’d have to be pretty motivated to pull this one off. Keep in mind that when this article speaks of ‘experience’, it means official “I’m paid @ work to do this” experience. To get any kind of data science job, you’ll need hands-on experience on projects, but they can be projects you do on your own (more on that in the next bullet).

  • Work on your own projects to develop and display your talents (hire yourself!)

After the author (Madison Hunter) provides some insight on how to do this, she provides links to help you find projects:

      • The 7 Data Science Projects I Plan on Completing in 2021
      • 12 Data Science Projects for 12 Days of Christmas
      • 12 Cool Data Science Projects Ideas for Beginners and Experts
      • A Guide To Getting Data Science Projects Ideas

If you don’t read anything else, check out these links in her article!

  • Volunteer to gain valuable industry experience

This works in almost every profession. Every business has data problems whether they admit it or not, even your local church or civic club. If you volunteer your services, YOU will be viewed as the expert (regardless of experience), and you’ll gain valuable experience.

The article is here.

Beware of clicking the link, as KDnuggets is addictive.

Why This Article?

I posted this article for the following reasons:

  • The bulk of my audience are auditors and security professionals, and data science is bigger and broader than data analytics. Both auditors and security pros need to understand artificial intelligence, machine learning, and all the other facets of data science.
  • Auditors especially are already behind in data analytics, and most of them haven’t really grappled with data science.
  • I am working more often with data scientists (and normal people trying to do data science), so I’ve been working on educating myself for quite some time so I better understand the process, the technology, and the risks. I hope you are also.

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