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UnNeighborly Security

I recently ran into some unneighborly security. It happens all the time to those of us who know how to build, upgrade, secure, and troubleshoot hardware and software. I’m over at my neighbor’s house and he says, “Hey, you work … Continue reading


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Library Checkout: Touch Screen, Lose Password

A library near me implemented self-checkout stations that use touch screens that make it easy to lose your password. Those of you who’ve been around might remember I have written before about libraries and how I’ve found questionable security. So … Continue reading


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Blogging: Choose Great Titles and Intro Sentences

Using great titles and intro sentences are so critical to the success of your blog. Not only do they grab the attention of your reader, great titles and introductory sentences seduce search engines like Google into sending you even more … Continue reading


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2010 Mid-Year Review: Most Popular Posts

Top 5 Posts Here’s the top 5 posts between January and June, 2010. If you missed one of these posts, you might want to check it out. Teach Yourself ACL This post about Audit Command Language (ACL) software gets twice … Continue reading

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A Few Good Posts

Whether you’re new to this blog or not, you might have missed a few good posts. Here’s some links and short descriptions. Schneier’s Security Trade-offs – Security expert Bruce Schneier’s 5 questions for assessing the security process of anything.

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Bank No Longer Invites Hackers In

Remember the Security Scout adventure where I roamed the basement of a major bank and found questionable security issues? If you missed it or need a refresher, read Major Bank Invites Hackers In? Guess what happened at the bank?


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Hi, welcome to my blog! Blog Focus This blog focuses on technology, information security, and IT audit, but certainly not in that order. Miscellaneous tangents will appear occasionally. My goals for this blog: Tackle audit and security issues, often from … Continue reading


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