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Best Blog Posts of 2014

2014Here’s the blog posts that all of you

liked best in 2014, based on hit count.

I’ve also included the most popular

posts from earlier years.

See if you missed any.

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Master List of Blogging Tips and Articles

I occasionally blog about blogging, so to make these posts easier to find (and link to), here’s a list (index) of all the blogging posts on this blog, in alphabetical order, and by most popular.
I’ll add other posts as they are written.

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Out-of-Office Reply Tells All

I checked my personal email account and found I had 3 out-of-office replies from people who obviously belonged to the same organization. However, I had never emailed any of them.

At first I thought they were some kind of a malware emails, but they were text only and contained no links. So I just left them in my email box and wondered about them every time I saw them. Then I figured it out.

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No Comment? Sock it to ME

If you have a comment or criticism, sock it to me. I can take it. I want it.

Some of you have been great commentors and I appreciate it. For those of you who haven’t commented or have held back a bit, check out my reply to one of my critics (the Cow):

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Are U Fooled by This Spam Technique?

Akismet flagged a comment as spam and I had not seen the spam technique used before, so I was fooled. I reviewed the comment and approved it, but the name, Michael G. Redmond, made me wonder a bit more (Redmond, WA is the home of Microsoft). So I goggled it. Oops. I remarked the comment as spam. Why?

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Stupid Spam Comments 2

Like most bloggers, I get really stupid spam comments. Fortunately, the spam filter or widget, Akismet, has caught everyone one I’ve received so far. As a result of the filter, I was able to make my blog more comment-friendly (I’d love to tell you all about it, but that would only invite more spam, and I like bacon a bit more).

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Blogging: Choose Great Titles and Intro Sentences

Using great titles and intro sentences are so critical to the success of your blog. Not only do they grab the attention of your reader, great titles and introductory sentences seduce search engines like Google into sending you even more readers.

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