Hidden Member Page

Well, this isn’t a members-only page. It’s just another part of my research to see how many people click links for the heck of it. You know you’re not a member*, and so do I, so the question is, why did you click another link?

* No one is a member because you don’t log in, don’t have membership fees, etc. But you’re still welcome here!

If you haven’t answered my research questions already, would you go back to the Hidden page and answer them? I’d really like to know why you keep clicking on links when you don’t have any idea where it goes and what you’ll find when you get there. Thanks.

The questions are at the bottom of this page.

Here’s another link, because as they say, 3 times is a charm; just don’t say I didn’t warn you.  ——-> link

Oh, and if you survive, come back and tell me about the journey.


11 responses to “Hidden Member Page

  1. Anybody find this page yet? If so, let me know how you got here.


  2. gw890224

    you’re messing with us right? Anyway I clicked it because I thought they may be some goodies here.


  3. gw,
    Yes, I’m messing with you. Congrats, you were the first to land on this page!
    Sorry for jerking your leg. Appreciate that you took the time to confess :)


  4. Ari

    Hey..I am on secure VPN network with loads of firewalls around. Also am in auditing so its the safest way to find the bugs around without much effort…. :)


  5. Ari

    BTW… I am returning from the –spoiler censored by admin– ..LOL


  6. John Jenkins

    Now I’m seriously curious, if you had a header “Gaurenteed Malicious” misspelled and all. How many clicks you would get. Unfortunately it would be seriously inappropriate to Goatse here but damn tempting.
    Also, Have you happened to discover any auditor data analyses user forums outside “ACL/Galvinize”.
    I have a quarterly call with a group of construction auditors to discuss analysis in our industry and would really like to find a place to do it online.


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