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3 responses to “SiteMap

  1. Dinesh

    Good day, I am back with question. I work as junior IT auditor (Internal). Today morning, my boss came to me and said that our company is going to outsource the BPO (call center operations) and management wants to understand the risk involved.
    I know I have to do risk assessment but how to start with what should I do?
    What resources I need to perform RA?

    Answer would be of great help. Also, please let me know the right place to ask question if it’s brand new that does not fit in any of the post.


    • Dinesh,
      Look at IIA and ISACA for risk assessment methodology and to see if they have any test plans for outsourcing or call center operations. You might be able to find something for free on the first two sites, but usually the best stuff requires membership. If you have an ACL support agreement, you can access Auditnet free (search my blog for Auditnet to see the post about that).

      As for where to ask new questions, I’ll add a post about that on Monday. Thanks for the idea.


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