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Top 10 Reasons to be an IT Auditor

Here’s my list of the top 10 reasons to be an IT auditor:

10. You have access to all systems, data, and people (with a business reason, of course). Employees rarely ignore you.

9. You can uncover fraud, mischief, ignorance, and just plain laziness. Either way, you “add value to the business” (yeah, I hate that term too, but it is what audit is about, and so appropriate).

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This is a Mechanics Blog!

Thanks to TycoonBlogger (my favorite “blogging” blogger), I finally know what this blog is about.

Based on his Find out your blog’s personality type post, I found and ran the Typealyzer tool against my blog. It analyzes a blog and provides its Myers- Briggs Type. Here’s what it said about this blog:

The analysis indicates that the author of https://itauditsecurity.wordpress.com/ is of the type:

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PWC Resignation Letter

The Life of an Auditor blog has this resignation letter, supposedly left by a PWC auditor, on that fateful last day. Whether it’s real or fictional, some days are really like this, aren’t they?

Check it out:

As many of you now know this friday will be my last day with PwC so I wanted to say good bye and thank you for everything. My decision to leave was not a snap decision as it may have seemed but a well thought out process.

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