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Creating and Selling Zero-day Exploits

Bruce Schneier has written about and compiled some great info and links regarding the market for creating and selling zero-day exploits in his Crypto-Gram newsletter.

Here’s some highlights:

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LinkedIn Hack: Don’t Just Change Password, Reconfigure

LinkedIn Hacked

We all know that LinkedIn was hacked and lost at least 6.5 million hashed passwords, or at least that’s how many were was posted. Besides changing passwords, is anyone thinking about their LinkedIn lock-down/security settings? What about other social media? See further below instructions for locking down LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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Internal Attacker Detected: Part 1

A while back when I worked in IT security, an internal attacker popped up on our radar…

I answered the phone and heard a tech from the anti-malware team say, “I think we have a problem, Mack. Got some time to come down and see what I found?”

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Quote of the Weak (Attacker’s Perspective)

I don’t like to pick bones with my fellow ISACAeans, but when I saw this in the Journal recently, I had to react. Can you pick out the problem?

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