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Response to ‘ChatGPT Analyzes Internal Audit!’

This post contains my response to my earlier post, ChatGPT Analyzes Internal Audit!

First of all, most of the article sounded like it was written by external auditors; it sounds important, but really doesn’t say much.

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Some Periodic Reviews Provide Little Assurance

securityI’ve written before how some periodic reviews provide management with little assurance, but management doesn’t realize how little.

My previous post focused mostly on server access´┐╝. In this post, I want to look at normal user access.

For example, let’s assume your company has a policy that states that all IDs must be assigned within an Active Directory group. In other words, IDs are assigned to groups, and groups are assigned to assets; IDs should not be assigned directly to an asset.

Assume the control you are testing states that user access is reviewed annually.

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FREE CISA Glossary

cisa study guide, tipsISACA has a free glossary of IT, audit, and security terms that is not only helpful in studying for the CISA exam, but is a good reference guide for new and experienced auditors.

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