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5 Things We Need from ACL in 2018

5 thingsHere’s the 5 things I’m hoping will change in 2018 regarding ACL.

They are all related to each other and feed off each other…


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Quick Introduction to ACL

If you’ve ever wondered what Audit Command Language (ACL) is, here’s a quick way to find out.

ACL has provided a quick, one-page introduction to ACL. And I mean quick.

It doesn’t explain a lot, but it gives you a quick peek at the basic user interface.

You could call it the ACL Overview for Dummies.

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ACL: Strange Message in Log

If you’re an ACL user, I sure hope you read your ACL project logs and approach the JOIN command carefully. I recently received a good reminder. For an explanation of ACL, see this post.

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Why not more data analytics?

Mike Vilimek from ACL.com discovered my History of Data Analytics (a la Coderre) post  that lists links to articles written by David Coderre. These  older articles (one is from 1993) describe how data analytics was used and viewed in the past.

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Free ACL Benford’s Law Training (Online)

I found a website where a group from the Business School of the University of Colorado Denver is offering free online training for ACL running Benford’s Law analysis on data.

This training was offerred for a limited time and has been discontinued. Free training does still exist (but not on Benford), so see my posts regarding  Free ACL Bootcamp Training and ACL Tutorials on YouTube. Also check out the most popular post on this blog, Teach Yourself ACL.

You have to have a copy of ACL (for more info, see Teach Yourself ACL), but otherwise it’s free. The group is doing a study (learning techniques?) and are offering the training for a limited time (at least until the end of February 2010).

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Teach Yourself ACL

You can teach yourself how to use Audit Command Language (ACL), the data analytics software from www.highbond.com. ACL is used by internal auditors and others to:

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