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Conclusion: Audit Server Disappeared

In Case File: Audit Server Disappeared, I noted that a friend of mine learned that  IT had, on its own prerogative, wiped a server belonging to Internal Audit because “it never appeared to be used.”

Some of you already commented on some of the issues involved in this incident and the normal IT activities that should have prevented this incident (or at least alerted IT that something was wrong). Let’s review those comments and I’ll add some other details and comments.

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Quote of the Weak (Special Characters)

While I realize many bloggers do “Quote of the Week,” it was Audit Monkey who gave me the idea. Here’s my very first quote:

Who uses special characters in passwords? Nobody does that.

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Why a Wastebasket Audit?

Most auditors and security analysts have never performed a wastebasket audit. Why do a trashcan audit?

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Top 10 Bad Jobs

I was checking out the latest post of my new blogger colleague from London, Audit Monkey, and read the following….

I’m sitting here in reflective mood thinking what the ‘Top 10′ worst possible jobs could be. Here’s my list.

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