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Master List of ACL Articles and Tips

To make these posts easier to find (and link to), here’s a list of all the ACL posts on this blog in alphabetical order, and by most popular.
I’ll add other posts as they are written.

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Get FREE Audit Work Plans at AuditNet

If you’re looking for FREE audit work plans, AuditNet.org is probably your best bet.

You can get a free account that allows you to access a limited number of work plans, usually basic ones. A premium account gives you access to all content . See their Subscription Plans for more info, and note that they call work plans ‘audit templates’.

If you have an ACL support agreement, you may be able to access AuditNet for FREE!

Last time I looked, over 100 work plans were free, and a total of 2600 were available.

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Need More Data Analytics in Audit

Part 1 of an article at AuditNet notes that audit teams need to increase their use of technology, specifically data analytics, to continue adding value to their companies. The author contends that data analytics can provide more assurance at a lower cost than the traditional cyclical approach to auditing (while I noticed the author, John Verver,  is a VP of  ACL Services and has a vested interest in this, I agree with him).

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