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Why U Should Question Security Questions

Capital letters, security questionsEvery once in a while I question security controls, and the latest one I questioned was security questions.

I’m talking about those questions that financial sites like banking and credit card sites ask you when you log in. Not the ones used to reset your password (although this post applies to them too).

No, this won’t be a rant about the stupid questions that sites give you to chose from, such as your mother’s maiden name or what is your favorite color. I gave up questioning those issues long ago.

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Bank No Longer Invites Hackers In

Remember the Security Scout adventure where I roamed the basement of a major bank and found questionable security issues? If you missed it or need a refresher, read Major Bank Invites Hackers In?

Guess what happened at the bank?

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Free Firewall Password (Just Ask)

A couple of weeks into a new job, I was told that I was now in charge of the Internet firewall. I suddenly realized I had two major problems:

  1. I did not know squat about firewalls.
  2. I did not know the firewall password.

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