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Recover Pictures from SD Card

Recently a friend of mine went to Europe and took almost a 1000 pictures that she saved on 2 SD cards.

When she arrived back in the states, one of the cards could not be read by her camera or her PC. The card was corrupted.

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Google Street View (and Privacy)

Interesting things are caught on camera during Google’s street view filming (see here).  While the majority of these Google events were mere events that happened to be recorded, it reminds us that camera and computers are capturing our world and our lives.

So why don’t people change their behavior even though they know they are being watched or recorded?


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A Few Good Posts

Whether you’re new to this blog or not, you might have missed a few good posts. Here’s some links and short descriptions.

Schneier’s Security Trade-offs – Security expert Bruce Schneier’s 5 questions for assessing the security process of anything.

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