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The Simplest, Cheapest, and Most Effective Disaster Recovery Plan Ever

disaster-recovery-planAbout a decade ago, I personally witnessed the handover of the simplest, cheapest, and most effective disaster recover plan ever.

Let me first give you a little background….

I worked for a great IT director, who moved to another company, much bigger, and brought me with him.

In the new company, he again was responsible for all IT, and he brought me along to manage security and disaster recovery.

If I named this company, at least 25% of you would recognize it, even those of you around the world–true story, too.

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New, Cheap ACL Training

ACL.com just launched virtual classroom training in North America. Check it out at www.acl.com/virtual_classroom (if that doesn’t work, try here, as they keep changing the URLs).

Sorry, but the virtual classroom was discontinued, according to ACL. See Nav’s comment about this.

Free training does still exist, so see my posts regarding  Free ACL Bootcamp Training and ACL Tutorials on YouTube. Also check out the most popular post on this blog, Teach Yourself ACL.

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Security Training on a ShoeString

In 2010: Security On A Diet, security investigator and blogger Security Monkey notes how you can train and sharpen your security staff without spending any money.

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