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7 Cloud Computing Pet Peeves

Neil MacDonald’s 7 pet peeves about cloud computing is not your usual rant list. He makes some great points in very few words.

Read the article here and let me know what you think.

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Shipley on Cloud Computing Risks

Greg Shipley,* CTO of Neohapsis, wrote an article in Information Week magazine about cloud computing risks, making the following points:

1) One company discovered it was using Amazon’s cloud services when employees tried to expense the bills. It’s 10 o’clock; do you know where your clouds are?

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Top 10 IT Jobs

According to CIO magazine, here’s the hot IT jobs (followed by comments by me in italics):

NOTE: IT Auditors, don’t pass over this article!

1. Security specialist/ethical hacker

One specialty, computer forensics, is hot. Forensic labs are almost always behind in their work. Is it due to a lack of good technicians or that forensic folks aren’t cheap? Either answer is good news.

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