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New ACL CEO, New Fierce Direction?

The profile article of the new ALC CEO, Laura Schultz, indicates a new direction at the company, but I’m not sure what that direction is. Here’s why:

1. ACL tweeted that Schultz isĀ  “fiercely determined” (see below), and in the profile, she talks about being “hell-bent” and “extreme” and taking vacations that involve “starving” and “afraid”. This is not your grandmother’s CEO, and maybe that’s the point. Either way, it doesn’t give me any comfort.

Lori Schultz, Fierce ACL CIO

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More IT Auditor Interviews…

I hear all the time how fierce the competition is out there in job land, but I’m still not seeing it. After more IT auditor interviews, I’m the one that is getting discouraged (and I’m the interviewER, not the interviewEE).

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