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Biggest Problem in Computer Security

What’s the biggest problem in computer security, according to valsmith at carnal0wnage.attackresearch.com? Well, it’s…


As the author admits, the post leans toward self-promotion of the company, but it makes many good points and deserves a read and a good pondering.

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Security is Too Much Trouble, Too Complicated

I was thinking about why people don’t take the time and effort to practice good computer security–and then I remembered two things:

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Stock Drop due to Data Entry Error?

Check this article out on the SANS Handler’s Diary.

Similar articles from Business Week and PC World.

I’d expect an uptick in new resume postings at Monster, et al.

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Top 10 IT Jobs

According to CIO magazine, here’s the hot IT jobs (followed by comments by me in italics):

NOTE: IT Auditors, don’t pass over this article!

1. Security specialist/ethical hacker

One specialty, computer forensics, is hot. Forensic labs are almost always behind in their work. Is it due to a lack of good technicians or that forensic folks aren’t cheap? Either answer is good news.

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