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Why U Should Question Security Questions

Capital letters, security questionsEvery once in a while I question security controls, and the latest one I questioned was security questions.

I’m talking about those questions that financial sites like banking and credit card sites ask you when you log in. Not the ones used to reset your password (although this post applies to them too).

No, this won’t be a rant about the stupid questions that sites give you to chose from, such as your mother’s maiden name or what is your favorite color. I gave up questioning those issues long ago.

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You May Kiosk the Bride

I was in a hurry, trying to print out a bridal registry list from a kiosk in a well-known store. I punched in the bride’s name and the list popped up. I pressed the PRINT button on the screen. The first page appeared as expected, but then things became a little more interesting.

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Share credit card purchases on the web?

On Facebook, you can share your pictures; on LinkedIn, you can share your resume; on Twitter, you can share what you had for second breakfast.

On Blippy, you can share your credit card purchases!

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