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Create a Team for Audit Analytics? Part 2

analytics team?In the previous post, Create a Team for Audit Analytics? Part 1, I explored the pros and cons of developing an analytics team.

This team consists of analytic auditors who are dedicated to analytic projects; they would NOT typically manage audits or testing that did not include analytics.

In this post, let’s explore another option for managing and growing analytics in an audit department — expecting all auditors to develop a level of data and analytic proficiency.

This is the second post of a 3-part series…


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IIA Analytics Article Dead Wrong

analytics dead wrong iia tombstoneA recent IIA article on building an analytics function in internal audit is dead wrong.

At least on one major point, anyway. And it’s a big one.

As the tombstone reads, this point is D.O.A (dead on arrival, or more specifically, dead on analytics).

The article, Building a data analytics program, requires IIA membership to view, and is located at https://iaonline.theiia.org/2017/Pages/Building-a-Data-Analytics-Program.aspx (that’s actually good, as it means a lot fewer people will ever read it).

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10+ Signs Mgmt Doesn’t Really Support Analytics

mgmt doesn't support analyticsYour management says it wants more analytics, but does it really support analytics? Here’s 10+ signs that indicate that your mgmt:

  • Does NOT knows what it takes to get analytics off the ground
  • Believes that analytics multiply like rabbits, naturally
  • Is NOT willing to make the adjustments required to deliver and sustain real value.

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