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How to Audit User Access

How to Audit User AccessWhen checking system access, make sure you look at all the different items that affect the user’s access. For example, the user might need one or more of the following:

  • Application ID
  • Application role or group
  • Membership in an local server group, Active Directory (AD) group, or UNIX Group
  • Access to the application’s share and/or folder on the server
  • Database ID
  • Database role, including access permissions (read/write)
  • Other permission (from a home-grown application code or enterprise identify management system)

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ACL Error: Working Directory Does Not Have Write Access

On occasion, I have received the following ACL error: The working directory does not have write access permission (see below).

Simply said, it means: the working directory is not working; something is not write. :)

Seriously, the working directory is the directory in which the application wants to start, which is why it is also called the starting directory. This is the directory to which ACL expects you to save your ACL projects. That’s why ACL needs write access to that directory.

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