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Couple of Favorite Posts

I thought I’d lead you on a backward journey to explore some of my favorite posts. Just for fun, notice the year some of these posts were written.

I’ve picked several posts that are a bit different from each other. Most likely, you haven’t seen most of these posts.

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Some of my Favorites

Since some of you are newer to the blog, I thought I’d bring a couple of my favorite posts to your attention.

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My Favorite Windows Software

In Top 100 Network Security Tools and Easy Windows Scanner, I described a few Windows tools that every auditor or security analyst should know or know about. In this post, I highlight some of my other favorite Windows tools (both security and general utility software). ALL OF THEM ARE FREE.

12/26/14 Update: These are STILL my favorite programs. The only one I don’t use anymore is CutePDF Writer, ¬†which I replaced with the FREE Sumntra PDF ¬†Foxit Reader (I no longer recommend FOXit). But if you only want a PDF printer, CutePDF is still a great solution.

I also added 2 new tools: PSPad and File Splitter (see my links at the bottom).

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