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Case File: Audit Server Disappeared

My friend Brenda is an auditor who came to work one day and couldn’t connect to her department’s audit server.

Brenda called the help desk and told them she couldn’t connect. She wasn’t sure what the server’s name was, so the help desk had a bit of trouble finding it.

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Top 10 Bad Jobs

I was checking out the latest post of my new blogger colleague from London, Audit Monkey, and read the following….

I’m sitting here in reflective mood thinking what the ‘Top 10′ worst possible jobs could be. Here’s my list.

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Should Audit Have Access to IT Systems?

I’ve been involved in a number of debates lately regarding whether auditors should have READ access to IT systems and data. Surprisingly, I’ve found that there appears to be very little middle ground – auditors either get READ access to whatever they request or get no access at all.

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System Down + Humor – Calls = :)

Having a system go down is no laughing matter. But if you’re going to notify your users, why not do it with a little humor? It will work as long as you don’t flash the message too often.

I received the following pop-up message below from Yahoo today.

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