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10 Technical Resume Tips

Back in 2007, Steve Yegge listed 10 technical resume tips for people applying for technical jobs. While his focus is programmers, his tips apply to IT staff and auditors, and anyone technical.

Even though the article is 7 year old as of this writing, it still has staying power. I’ve seen each of these tips ignored in countless resumes.

It’s a long article, but very helpful and funny.

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How to Audit User Access

How to Audit User AccessWhen checking system access, make sure you look at all the different items that affect the user’s access. For example, the user might need one or more of the following:

  • Application ID
  • Application role or group
  • Membership in an local server group, Active Directory (AD) group, or UNIX Group
  • Access to the application’s share and/or folder on the server
  • Database ID
  • Database role, including access permissions (read/write)
  • Other permission (from a home-grown application code or enterprise identify management system)

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auditor lived in a pretty hard town

After my quip about some auditors write more like e. e. cummings than auditors, I recalled my favorite poem of his. With apologies to cummings, I recast it into auditor worldspeak.

auditor lived in a pretty hard town
(with up so floating many tests down)
spring summer autumn winter
he sang his pass he danced his fail

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