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LinkedIn Hack: Don’t Just Change Password, Reconfigure

LinkedIn Hacked

We all know that LinkedIn was hacked and lost at least 6.5 million hashed passwords, or at least that’s how many were was posted. Besides changing passwords, is anyone thinking about their LinkedIn lock-down/security settings? What about other social media? See further below instructions for locking down LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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Password, Password on the Wall

After a friend bought me lunch today, he showed me around his work place. During our walk, we stopped at the IT workbench area to see if the laptop he ordered for a new employee would be ready by Monday (I tagged along).

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Wastebasket Audit Findings

Over the years, I’ve performed many wastebasket audits (see my previous post, Why a WasteBasket Audit? for more details). One reader said this was a waste of time, but you be the judge. Here are some of my findings:

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Clean Your Purse & iPod

When’s the last time you cleaned out your wallet or purse or secured sensitive data on your hard drives?  Many of us intend to practice good security and protect ourselves at home, and many others don’t even give it a grey cell.

It’s time again to:

  • Change all your critical passwords for online banking, investment sites, email, password safe, etc. (see note #1 below).

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