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CISA vs. CIA Certification

cisa study guide, tipsIf you’re an IT auditor (or want to be one) and don’t have any audit certifications, which certification should you get, the CISA or the CIA? If you want to get both, which one do you get first?

Full disclosure: I have the CISA, but not the CIA. Back when the CIA was 4 exams, I studied for all the CIA exams except the financial exam, but ended up not taking any of the exams. I also have the CISSP.

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Shine Your Shoes Like a Pro

Open letter to you-know-who: Shine your shoes.

I know lots of things don’t matter much in life, and this might be one of them, but it doesn’t take much effort to put some polish on your shoes. It makes your shoes happy, it helps them last longer, and you look better too, which can translate into more confidence on your part. And being taken more seriously by others, especially people older than you.

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