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Stinkin Thinkin Reboot

Recently I was having a problem with my phone connecting to another device, and I tried almost everything, including reconfiguring my phone and the other device. Finally, I decided to reboot my phone, and suddenly my phone connected. Perhaps the device configuration + phone reboot was what it needed, but I now wonder if the phone reboot alone would have done the trick and saved me a lot of unnecessary work. The problem is, I won’t know unless it happens again.

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Phony Charges (this time, it’s personal)

I upgraded my cell phone plan to save money, but discovered phony charges instead. I got all new phones and went from 700 minutes to 900 minutes, and my bill was supposed to drop about $30 a month. Then I opened my next bill, which was the first bill on the new plan. Merry Christmas, it’s $35 more than expected!

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Google Street View (and Privacy)

Interesting things are caught on camera during Google’s street view filming (see here).  While the majority of these Google events were mere events that happened to be recorded, it reminds us that camera and computers are capturing our world and our lives.

So why don’t people change their behavior even though they know they are being watched or recorded?


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