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How Bot Net Trends are Changing

Bot net trends are changing, according to an Information Week article.  Tim Wilson notes the following:

  • Overall, bot net activity is picking up after a late 2010 lull.
  • Large bot nets will be aggressive in capturing more computers for their kingdom.  Bot  nets will attempt to steal seats from their competition, patching the computers they take over so to defend themselves against other thieves.
  • Social networks are becoming the command points for bot nets.
  • Similar to the SETI programs where you can donate some of your computer’s processing capacity to search for alien intelligence, some bot nets are becoming opt-in so that you can participate in politically-based bot net activity.
  • Small botnets are becoming used more effectively, as they are harder to detect.

Read all about it at Botnets Coming Roaring Back in New Year.

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