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The Analytic Staircase for Auditors

analytic staircase stepsBuilding a successful audit analytics program is like climbing a staircase.

The staircase is a set of steps that consist of several items having increasing levels of maturity.

The staircase steps not only help you build your program, but enable you to measure that maturity.

As you view the staircase graphic, mentally insert the word “analytics” before each step.

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NFL Sprinkler Interruption a Hack?

NFL sprinkler hack mask

NFL sprinkler hack?

When the sprinkler system caused an interruption of the Miami-Seattle NFL game on Sunday, November 25, no one called it a hack. Neither am I.

But if you heard about the event prior to reading this, did it cross your mind that it could have been a hack? What about other unusual events?

If not, and you’re an IT auditor or a security pro, you should at least consider such things, at least briefly. If not, you might want to check your professional skepticism sensor.

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