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How to Profile Data

Before you analyze data, you should profile it.

Otherwise, your analysis may not be too broad, too narrow, or you may miss some important insights or errors.

This post is part of the Excel: Basic Data Analytic series.

Data profiling is developing a profile of your data, just as facial profiles of a person, taken from various angles, helps you size up a person’s nose, identify whether his chin is sagging, and how far apart the person’s eyes are.

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Virtual Relationships

I find it interesting that many of us spend a lot of time on in virtual relationships.

We live and share on blogs, forums, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the like, learning about various subjects, getting to know others better, and building relationships (currently called friends, connections, followers, or contacts).

Many of the people we relate to over the Internet are people who are quite distant from us, who we seldom or never see, and whose gender and age are sometimes vastly different from what they represent.

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