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IIA and ISACA Synergies

Back in September, two audit groups shook hands…

IIA and ISACA signed a formal memorandum of understanding (MOU), which means they’ll scratch each others’ back. The IIA’s president, Richard Chambers, explains what it means for the future in his blog.

Notice that both CEOS are listed at the bottom of the memo and that one of them is void of certifications…



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90’s High 5 for Auditors

Richard Chambers, the president and CEO of the IIA, noted 5 defining events and their impact on internal auditing in the 90’s decade.

  1. Adoption of the Professional Practices Framework (2002)
  2. Financial Fraud and the Ensuing Corporate Failures (2002)
  3. Cynthia Cooper Named a Time Magazine “Person of the Year” (2002) – whistleblower at WorldCom (I had to look it up myself)
  4. Release of The PCAOB’s Auditing Standard Number 2 (2004) – which was then superseded by AS 5
  5. Global Economic Crisis (2008-2009)

Catch all his comments here. I think #2 is going to keep occurring with surprising regularity.

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