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Abandon ACL and Others, Part 2

This post is in response to Xavier and Grant, who were kind enough to push back a bit on a previous post, Abandon ACL and Others? See their comments on that post.

I will respond to some of their points and reveal some more of my thinking as to why I believe that auditors need to become a LOT more technical.

Some may think I am just digging my hole a little deeper, but I’ve always loved the journey.

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Behind Locked Doors: Part 4

office doorI had to get that database fast.

After a long security team meeting, garnished with lots of pepperoni and green olive pizza, we divided the staff into 2 teams.  Team A started scanning and probing the target department’s servers in search of vulnerabilities that would provide us with admin access over the network.

Team B started planning a physical intrusion in case Team A failed.

After a couple hours, I was notified that the vulnerability team came up short. None of the identified vulnerabilities could be used to escalate our permissions.

A member of the physical intrusion team called maintenance and requested help from a specific maintenance guy: Zeke. The security team member said that we “needed Zeke’s help locating an electrical breaker panel” in a certain department.

This is the fourth post in a series. See Behind Locked Doors: Part 3. The next post will be the conclusion.

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#1 Reason for NOT Doing Data Analytics

Do you know the #1 reason auditors don’t do data analytics (DA) much?

It is so simple, so obvious, I hesitated to blog about it. Let me know if you agree.

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