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Creating and Selling Zero-day Exploits

Bruce Schneier has written about and compiled some great info and links regarding the market for creating and selling zero-day exploits in his Crypto-Gram newsletter.

Here’s some highlights:

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Searching for Secrets

I was visiting a friend at large, public company doing some benchmarking when we had to schedule several meetings with IT to gather data. My friend “Meako” starting entering attendees into his online calendar to see whether we could get some important meetings scheduled during the next week.

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Blowfish Bruce-Forced

Bruce Schneier’s Blowfish encryption algorithm was mangled again on the Fox show 24. According to Schneier’s Crypto-Gram blog, the show claims that Schneier put a backdoor in the algorithm. Based on reader comments on the Crypto-Gram blog, people will believe anything said on TV (or posted on the ‘net).

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