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Web Hacking 101

If you want to learn about web hacking, Security Monkey* highlights 2 videos and 2 books on the subject.  The videos are very basic and over an hour long, and are free for the viewing.

The videos were presented by Dan Guido at Polytechnic Institute of New York University, a private technology university in Brooklyn, New York.

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Teach Yourself Security

What does it take to get started in information security? Can you teach yourself security?

This field requires you to understand how PCs, mobile devices, applications, servers, protocols, and networks operate. It helps to have a lot of curiosity and a good sense of where trouble lurks. And don’t forget Unix/Linux (more on that later).

I started as a PC support guy, became a server administrator, managed a network, and then became a security analyst. For me, it was a natural progression, but that’s the “old school” way of doing it. Security training was scarce, and there were few to no institutions offering training specific to that area. Also, the internet was still growing, and there were few security websites or blogs to learn from.

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Security Training on a ShoeString

In 2010: Security On A Diet, security investigator and blogger Security Monkey notes how you can train and sharpen your security staff without spending any money.

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