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Great Security Cheatsheets (Free)

Lenny Zeltser not only created some great security cheatsheets, he compiled a list of some good reference guides developed by others.

Why should you trust his FREE cheatsheets? Lenny leads a security consulting practice, teaches malware analysis, explores security topics at conferences and in articles, and volunteers as an incident handler at the Internet Storm Center.

So whether you want to learn more about specific security practices or just have a quick reference, you’ll want these cheatsheets.

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Old Flaws R the Flaw

TrustWave Inc. analyzed data gathered from over 1900 penetration tests and over 200 data breach investigations and concluded that the top 3 ways to sneak into a network in 2009 were via:

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How to Stay Out of Jail

If you work in information security or IT audit (and I don’t mean IT SOX audit), I’d advise you to carry a “get-out-of-jail” (GOOJ) card at all times. In short, get permission before you do your dirty work.

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