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Blogging about Internal Audit (10 tips)

A looooooong time ago, Leeann asked me to write a post about blogging about internal audit, so here goes. Most of this post applies to blogging on any subject, too.

First of all, there is a dearth of good internal audit blogs, and even less good IT audit blogs. So if you’re thinking about, we sure could use you in the blogsphere!

Writing a blog is hard work, and you often get tired of it. Life finds a way to get in the way. This is my 11th year of the blog (see the first post here), which, ironically, was written by skyyler. Fortunately, we’ve gotten better since that first year.

Blogging about internal audit is like a moon shining in a dark place… here’s my 10 tips…

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Master List of Blogging Tips and Articles

I occasionally blog about blogging, so to make these posts easier to find (and link to), here’s a list (index) of all the blogging posts on this blog, in alphabetical order, and by most popular.
I’ll add other posts as they are written.

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Securing Virtual Servers

Here’s my take on the issues that I found with the following quote from SC Magazine (for more info, see Quote of the Weak (Securing Virtual Servers):

We don’t treat the virtualization servers any different than the physical servers when it comes to security. We treat them the same. Security is security.

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Increase Blog “Traffic” Instantly

Bloggers want to increase blog traffic and many are frustrated that people land on their home page but seldom seem to click on their posts. Other bloggers are frustrated that they don’t get more clicks.

The good news is that one simple change can solve both of those problems. I’m no TycoonBlogger, but it amazes me that more bloggers don’t know this simple secret. Every blogger that I’ve revealed this secret to has followed this simple advice and loved it. Want to know what it is?

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Blogging: Use the MORE tag

If you have a WordPress blog (or any blog) and don’t use the MORE tag in all your posts, you’re missing more than you think.

Every once in a while I feel like blogging about blogging…

The MORE tag ensures that only a few lines or paragraphs of a post appear on your home page (how much depends on where YOU put the tag). To read the rest of the post, the reader clicks “Continue reading” or whatever phrase your particular theme uses (my theme uses “Keep reading” by default but I changed it, as you can see here on my home page).

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Don’t Miss a Post

You can be notified via email when I add a post to this blog. Just look to the right under Email Subscription and click the Sign me up! button. Enter your email address and I’ll do the rest.

If you have a blog of your own, I’d urge you to add this widget. It will help drive readers who haven’t checked back in a while that you’re still up and kicking.

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