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Use LinkedIn to get an IT Audit job

If you’re looking for an IT Audit job, here’s how to use LinkedIn to get noticed.

new-auditorIn a nutshell, you need to enhance your LinkedIn profile so that everyone knows you’re working hard at learning IT auditor skills.

If you’re already working as an IT auditor, use these suggestions to get noticed more and move ahead (or into another company with more opportunities).

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Shine Your Shoes Like a Pro

Open letter to you-know-who: Shine your shoes.

I know lots of things don’t matter much in life, and this might be one of them, but it doesn’t take much effort to put some polish on your shoes. It makes your shoes happy, it helps them last longer, and you look better too, which can translate into more confidence on your part. And being taken more seriously by others, especially people older than you.

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Why People Get Scammed

People get scammed every 22 seconds with a typo-infested email or otherwise stupid hyperlink tricks for the following reasons:

  1. Texting and chat have so corrupted the grammar and spelling of so many people that many don’t remember how communication skills were cherished prior to the birth of Al Gore, the Internet, and mobile devices. Continue reading


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