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UnNeighborly Security

Hack me now!I recently ran into some unneighborly security. It happens all the time to those of us who know how to build, upgrade, secure, and troubleshoot hardware and software.

I’m over at my neighbor’s house and he says, “Hey, you work with computers, so can you take a look at mine?”

There goes the afternoon.

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How to Avoid Friendly Infections

I love to “steal” content and blog post ideas from others (usually AuditMonkey), but this time, I slim-fingered from Mister Reiner (check out his computer security and hacking blog at misterreiner.wordpress.com).

All I really stole were the ideas inspired by a comment that I left on his post entitled, Your friends and relatives can go home and jack up their own computer. Reiner wrote that allowing others on your computer might result in an infected PC if your friends and relatives do stupid things like surf porn or open email attachments. To avoid these issues, he suggested you do the following:

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Quote of the Weak (Trojan=Password)

I’ve been absent from the blog lately due to a number of pressing projects, one which was rebuilding a friend’s Windows XP box after a trojan massacre (and I thought only auditors stabbed the wounded — you should have seen the legions on that box).

When I delivered the newly minted OS and applications, my friend informed me that another set of email spam was sent from her Hotmail account at 3:20 am that morning. She asked me whether I was working on the PC at the time. I told her that not only was her PC turned off at that time, it was unplugged.

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