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No Bad Audit Reports Allowed?

No Bad Audit ReportsIt’s getting to the point where some audit directors are saying, “No bad audit reports allowed.” In other words, don’t shoot the messenger, just the message. What follows is an experience from one of my audit colleagues…

First, a couple “I know” statements…I know auditors are supposed to be helpful and friendly. I know auditors are supposed to add value. I know auditors need to be careful about giving only bad news; we should also note in our report what the auditee is doing right (if anything). I know that it’s hard for auditees to get hammered again and again by audit reports.

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Wastebasket Audit Findings

Over the years, I’ve performed many wastebasket audits (see my previous post, Why a WasteBasket Audit? for more details). One reader said this was a waste of time, but you be the judge. Here are some of my findings:

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