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Firefox isn’t Dead

Two years ago, I posted Firefox May Already be Dead, which predicted the death of Firefox by Chrome.

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Firefox May Already be Dead

Keir Thomas, author of several books on Ubuntu, including the Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference, declares that Firefox has lost its way.  He says that the fox is slow and Slashdot users are complaining about it heavily.

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15 Must-See Sights in Google Earth

Diann Daniel’s 15 pictures from Google Earth (GE) showcases the power of GE, and the images are indeed interesting. NOTE: Evidently these pics were removed – Mack

Seven images show the Firefox browser circle cut into a crop field (UFO style) and other large-scale animals and objects.  The slide show includes commentary and the coordinates of each image. If you’re in a hurry, I recommend images 5 through 10.

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