Quick Introduction to ACL

If you’ve ever wondered what Audit Command Language (ACL) is, here’s a quick way to find out.

ACL has provided a quick, one-page introduction to ACL. And I mean quick.

It doesn’t explain a lot, but it gives you a quick peek at the basic user interface.

You could call it the ACL Overview for Dummies.

This one page describes:

  • The first ACL screen you see, and what the different options are and what the terminology means.
  • Each section of the second screen a user sees (that appears when you have an ACL project open).
  • An overview of 5 simple ACL analysis commands (of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg). Click a link to learn more about each command.
  • 4 frequently asked questions (FAQs).

So, if you need a clue, or you need to provide a quick way to describe what ACL is to others, here’s an easy way to do it.

Check out https://www.acl.com/2017/05/basic-usage-of-acl-analytics/


The company no longer uses the phrase ‘Audit Command Language’, as they are trying to shed the ‘auditor’ label. If you ask an ACL employee what ACL stands for, they will tell you it’s the name of the company.

Want to learn ACL? See Teach Yourself ACL on this blog.



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