Hiring Auditors Who Can Think

Nthinkorman Marks, of the Institute of Internal Auditors, likes to hire auditors who can think.

You should too.

How does he do it?

First, he doesn’t look just at a person’s resume and years of experience (the artcile has a great ancedote about a guy who said he had 10 years of experience, but actually did not).

Second, he presents the interviewee with scenarios and asks how she would handle them.

Third, he evaluates her answers based on how well she can analyze a situation she has never encountered and describe an approach that makes sense.

Read Marks’ article here. For my own anecdotes and suggestions for interviewing auditors, read these:

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5 responses to “Hiring Auditors Who Can Think

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  2. This is a timely article. I am looking to hire a senior IT auditor right now. You know anyone? Haha.

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  3. Khawaja Zia Dar

    Hello Sir, My name is Zia Dar. I took a certification for IT Internal Auditor where we covered the SOX certification. It has been over a year couldn’t get any job. what do you recommend for future guidelines? Should I focus on CISA certification and if I do, which institute will be good for CISA certification. Please reply with your opinion.


  4. Zia Dar,
    Since I don’t know the following, it’s hard to give you specific advice:
    -What certification you took.
    -What your background in IT is
    -What your audit experience is
    -Where you are located

    Based on the fact that you didn’t find a job, I’ll assume you don’t have a lot of audit or IT background. Either way, I would recommend focusing on the CISA certification. I would recommend you look at what ISACA offers. Otherwise, call ISACA or auditors you know and see if they can recommend any local institutes or training centers.

    Many people pass CISA just by reading the book and studying. I recommend Shon Harris’ book and always recommend the official ISACA book, even though the ‘offical’ book tends to be dry.

    You can always check out my study guide or the many free blogs that describe how others successfully passed the CISA.

    Wish you the best. Mack


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